Unattended Death

Unattended deaths are common in large metropolitan cities such as Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth. Many times a family member or friend cannot reach the individual for some time and must contact the landlord, property manager, real estate agent or authorities in order to enter the home or sometimes business. Even trained professionals have a difficult time viewing a body in a state of advanced decomposition or smelling the distinct odor for that matter.

Unattended deaths can be especially upsetting depending on the time of death and the discover date of the body. Once the deceased body begins to decompose the body fluids begin to collect and after a while begin to leak. This can cause irreparable damage to flooring, furniture, sofas, chairs and bedding. In most cases they must be removed from the property and properly disposed.

Generally, most unattended deaths contain the body fluids, tissue and material in a small area. The real danger comes from the airborne contaminants in the enclosed area. These contaminants pose very serious risks to human health and must be attended to by a well-trained specialist.

We never recommend doing the cleanup if you have not been instructed to properly protect yourself from harmful contaminants and diseases. Fortunately, few people attempt to do the cleanup on their own; most are referred to or consulted by a professional remediation service. If you are dealing with an unattended death and need immediate assistance please Email Us or Call 214-447-0705 we are available 24-7 including holidays.