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Murders and crime scenes, unfortunately, can happen in any location at any time of the day or night. These tragedies not only negatively affect the lives of the victim’s friends and family but also have an impact on the community as well. Even the investigators, emergency workers, firefighters, medical examiners and crime scene clean up agencies are not immune to its ill effects.

Sadly, homicide and murder cleanup scenes comprise a majority of our business. It is through this extensive experience that we have developed our proven techniques in removing, disinfecting and disposing of blood and human tissue and the odors that accompany them. This can be an arduous task that should only be performed by a professional remediation agency with the proper training.

Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas TX

Outdoor crime scenes involving homicide or murder are generally much easier to resolve than indoor or vehicular. Much of the human remains, body fluids and material can be collected, cleaned, disinfected or disposed of rather quickly and effectively, even when there are multiple victims or crime scene locations.

While there is still a chance of exposure to airborne diseases, when cleaning and removing the human remains outdoors, the risk is minimized greatly compared to similar homicide or murder scenes contained within an enclosed location. However, exposure to other infectious human diseases remains just as possible outdoors as it does indoors.

Residential and Commercial Crime Scene Cleanup in Dallas TX

Indoor crime scenes are the most difficult to resolve, this is why Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup provides free estimates for home and business owners in Dallas, TX. The cost of the cleanup depends on the severity of the scene. Sometimes walls, carpeting, flooring, bedding or furniture may have to be removed and disposed of according to state and federal regulations.

Many times home items can be cleaned, disinfected and restored, this is a common request if the aforementioned items have sentimental value to the victim’s friends or family. At your request, we can suit you up in a decontamination suit to collect personal property from the site.

If you, your family or friends require the services of a professional and compassionate remediation company in Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington metropolitan area and Dallas County please do not to hesitate to CONTACT US anytime!

Murder Cleanup Dallas TX