Only second to crime scenes, suicide is one of the most grievous situations a family member or friend could face in their lifetime. Long after the police, investigators, and coroners leave the scene, family and friends are left to personally deal with the aftermath, both emotionally and physically.

Naturally, the individual’s family and friends are confronted with many questions regarding a resolution; this is the time when consulting with an experienced remediation service is critical. We can provide them with the guidance and the compassion they need to begin to move forward. Soon after your initial phone consultation, we can immediately dispatch one of our emergency mobile cleanup crews to your residence or business.

Many suicide scenes involve firearms. These scenes are difficult to endure mentally as well as physically. The amount of blood loss, body fluid, and material can be difficult to remove. Depending on the condition the individual was found, cleanup efforts and prices can vary widely, that is why our mobile remediation crews offer free onsite inspections and price estimates. Many times walls, carpeting, flooring, furniture bedding and other household items will have to be removed and properly disposed of. Other items can be disinfected and restored to their original state.

We understand that privacy is a major concern when dealing with a suicide of a family member or friend. You have our guarantee we will arrive and leave with as much discretion as possible. We will not be intrusive nor will you ever have to question our integrity or commitment; we are here to serve you and the community, nothing is more paramount to our success than your satisfaction with our remediation services and peace of mind.

If you or a member of your family or friends is faced with the task of requiring professional remediation services for your home or business please Email Us or Call 214-447-0705 today for a free over the phone consultation and onsite inspection. We are here to serve the DFW Metroplex 24-7 including holidays.