Drug & Meth Labs

Cleaning up present or former drug labs can be very hazardous work even for trained professional. The volatile chemicals involved in manufacturing drugs can pose be a health risk and an environmental hazard. Additionally, when improperly used or stored, Methamphetamine and similar drugs have caused fatal explosions in the past that not only affect the drug manufacturer but the people living adjacent to the drug lab. Few drug manufacturers take the necessary precautions to safeguard their own lives much less the well-being of their neighbors or community.

Drug manufacturing facilities can be found in large metropolitan cities and small towns. They cross all socioeconomic lines and appear in the most affluent neighborhoods to the poorest. They are truly are a scourge of the community. The steady growth of meth and drug lab seizures by authorities in Dallas, Plano, Grand Prairie, McKinney, Frisco, and Garland Texas has us busier than ever trying to rid the community of this public hazard.

Like all the services we offer, we first tackle the issue by developing a cleanup plan. First the property is inspected to see which rooms have been affected. The idea is to lower the decontaminates in the air to acceptable levels. Next we will typical remove carpeting, flooring, walls and other household items that have been demeaned in safe. After, strong decontaminate must be applied to the rest of the affected areas until the level of contaminants is reduced to safe and levels. Only then can the property be safe for human occupation.

If you are an homeowner, landlord, real estate agent or property manager whose property has been used in the manufacture of meth or other pernicious drugs, and require immediate response, please Email Us or Call 214-447-0705, and we will dispatch one of our mobile cleanup crews to your residential or commercial property ASAP.