Compulsive hoarding is a behavioral disorder that has only begun to be studied and understood by psychologists. Recently, television programs have brought this issue to light, which has definitely created awareness for the disease. Although many see it as an extension or symptom of OCD or other behavioral disorders, some physiologists are starting to reason it might be might be an entirely separate disorder. Compulsive hoarding is defined as a patterned behavior which is characterized by excessive acquisition of objects and an inability to discard them.

While most people who suffer from OCD are aware of their behavior, according to psychologists, people suffering from Compulsive Hoarding may not be aware of their affliction. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to minimizing or eliminating the behavior. Through proper therapy compulsive hoarders can begin to see that their behavior can lead to health and safety risks.

Dallas Crime Scene Clean has dealt with many hoarding situation in the past. A typical hoarder cleanup project will feature a home and yard full of miscellaneous decaying garbage, feces and urine, rotting food, poorly kept animals, unwashed laundry and dishes, filthy walls and floors, unsanitary toilets and sinks, dirty diapers and moldy bathtubs, showers and refrigerators.

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